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ENERCA operates in the following markets
  • ENERGY, with particular reference to renewable energy;
  • MECHANICS, with particular reference to mechanical power
    transmission machinery.

The particularly close relationship with universities and research centres allows ENERCA to be the cutting edge in innovation and product quality both in the choice of materials and in the metal working process, in defining the most advanced and innovative technologies, and in the realization of more sophisticated techniques of quality control

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The market for energy will be the strategic market in the next decades. This is suggested by ongoing relevant trends, such as:

  • the rapid and fledging growth and the renewal of the obsolete industrial structure of populated countries like Brazil, China, India and Russia, that can be sustained only by requiring more energy;
  • the inability of traditional energy sources (oil, gas, coal) to meet with state-of-the-art technologies the growing demand for energy, also considering the gradual drying up of such sources and the increase in costs, environmental and logistics risks;
  • the long time needed to study and develop new technologies in the nuclear field offering greater safeguard and security as well as acceptable costs in waste disposal.

The above trends emphasise the role of ‘alternative’ green energy sources, opening new scenarios for these markets, in which a territory that has made of innovation a tradition of his entrepreneurial story must be present. Particular reference to

The financial and industrial global crisis attracted renewed attention on manufacturing. In Italy the mechanical sector accounts for over 40% of the value added of industrial production and accounts for 52% of the value of national exports.

Italy claims a first order entrepreneurial tradition in this field. There are several companies that hold leadership positions in technologically advanced niche markets.

The territory of Lecco and Brianza wrote many pages of the history of Italian Mechanics developing skills and professionalism that today deserve to be safeguarded and raised.

The great fragmentation of production (over 90% of companies in Italy have fewer than 50 employees) generates significant opportunities in the aggregation and consolidation of the market.

ENERCA was born in the belief that this is the right time to bet on manufacturing and mechanics, focusing on the core competences of the INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT in LECCO. particular reference to

ENERCA S.r.l. Via Trieste 20/C- 23900 Lecco ITALY
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