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ENERCA is able to design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain products
destined to the markets above:

  • ENERGY, with a peculiar reference to power plants and their electromechanical components;
  • MECHANICS, with a peculiar reference to gears and power transmission components, to mechanical carpentry and rolling materials.

Moreover, thank to the cooperation with the partner GESS-CZ, we are able to size, design, manufacture, install, revamp and maintain machinery, components and entire systems for purification and waste water treatment.

The close link with leading academic and research communities allows ENERCA to be a leading player in innovation and product quality, in the choice of materials, in the design of heating treatment of metals, in the definition of the most innovative and advanced technologies and in the implementation of the most sophisticated techniques of control quality.

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PRODUCTS in the field of ENERGY

In the ENERGY market, referring both to conventional sources and to renewable sources, ENERCA is able to supply the following products:

PRODUCTS in the field of MECHANICS

In the MECHANICS market, ENERCA is able to supply products intended for high-power transmission, and for special purposes:

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