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ENERCA s.r.l. is an Italian company, established in 2010, in order
to meet the growing needs of the energy and mechanical markets
through an innovative venture model, challenging the traditional
features of the family company, and arising from synergies and
esperienze of different investors, linked to the local environment, and willing to
strenghthen the entrepreneurial attitude of Lombardy in the manufacturing activity.

The company relies on consolidated and qualified competences in metal-working and machinery, both in traditional mechanical sectors, and in innovative fronteers of energy production, particularly referring to renewable 'green' sources.

ENERCA is partner of several qualified producers and suppliers in the energy and mechanical field and is exclusive dealer in Italy for GESS s.r.o. one of the leading suppliers of Archimedean screw turbines in Europe, for small hydro applications.


The business model

The market for equipment and mechanical components and systems for the renewable energy production is in STRONG and STEADY growth. Alongside the supply of hardware and equipment, the business is completed by aftermarket service and REVAMPING, to maintain the plants’ full efficiency.

ENERCA characterises as a Company of Engineering & Trading active on both national and international markets, but with the ambition to offer to its Customers the most comprehensive product range and services typical of a mature manufacturing integrated Company. To meet the customer needs and market demand, in fact, ENERCA has underwritten a series of “Strategic Agreements” with international partners (owning best-class skills) and with qualified domestic partners (market leaders in the manufacturing activity). This flexible model allows ENERCA to offer cost-effective and technically-efficient  opportunities for customers.

Therefore, depending on the products and partners, Enerca is able to act as agent, dealer, or main- contractor, ensuring the supply of products and related services, in the most advantageous ways, without any compromise on quality. ENERCA is definitely a lean and flexible organisation, combining an efficient cost structure with skills, professionalism, quality and experience assured by its leading partners.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Enerca aims at representing a model for the territory on the issues of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Thus, the goal is to undertake a series of qualifying projects and initiatives, compatibly with the available resources. Examples of CSR projects are:

  • technical-professional training on the territory;
  • exploitation of historical industrial archives;
  • attention to environmental sustainability;
  • focus on communication to all stakeholders;
  • development projects in third-world countries (such as bringing the energy to remote villages and communities)

ENERCA S.r.l. Via Trieste 20/C - 23900 Lecco ITALY
Telephone and Fax +39 0341 350551 - E.mail

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